The title of World’s Largest Snow Program for Kids is not an easy achievement. Over the last three seasons, SnowKidz and World Snow Day have seen the development of successful nationwide program, such as Finland’s Lasten Lumipäivät (22 resorts), China’s World Snow Day (26 resorts), Sweden’s Alle pa Snow (43 resorts), Austria’s Snow4Schools programme (98 resorts), Latvia’s World Snow Day (104 resorts), and the previous record holder, Norway’s Apen Bakke (115 resorts). Now Canada will take the title thanks to the Canadian Ski Council’s Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass Program.

Since the 1997/98 season, 150+ ski areas across Canada and over half a million Canadian children have come together to offer Grade 4 and 5 students the opportunity to ski and snowboard three times at each of the participating ski areas. To obtain the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass, parents login online at, complete the application form, provide proof of age or grade, pay a small administration fee of $29.95, and within a few days receive a pass in the mail that provides their child with three free lift tickets at each of the 150+ ski areas. Once the pass is obtained, parents may visit any of the 150+ participating resorts and redeem their child’s day pass. Only three resorts carry blackout dates and a handful carry a restriction of one paying adult.

Canadian Ski Council President and CEO Paul Pinchbeck commented, “The Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass is the foundation of the Canadian ski industry’s commitment to growing skiing and snowboarding in Canada. The data from this programme has demonstrated that bringing kids to the snow is an effective method of creating lifelong snow sports enthusiasts within the whole family group.”

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper added: “The Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass Programme sets a global benchmark for improving access for children to snow sports. This is a well-deserved title and many other countries can learn from these best practices.”