Off Grid, On Game

Alpine Buttercup grew up with t-bars and chairlifts, high-speed and otherwise, to carry her to the top so she could go back down. She’d never known any other way to access the ski trails she so loved – that is, until she grew up and found snow-cats and helicopters to take her to places beyond her wildest imaginings.

Ski Taxonomy

Scientists divide the Earth’s 8.7 million species of life into five kingdoms. Using statistical regression and advanced gene sequencing, we’ve done the same with Canada’s 2.5 million skiers. Here’s our field guide to the five kingdoms of skiers and where they should migrate this spring.

Sidetrip: A Powder Stop At Revelstoke Mountain Resort

What a difference a day makes. The cliché spins through my head as we plough over Rogers Pass. Having left the comforts of the Fairmont Banff Springs and the sun over Lake Louise, we’re headed west on Highway 1 (the TCH) to snowed-in Revelstoke.

Resorts Reach Milestones

Unlike skiers, ski resorts get better with age. Take Whistler Blackcomb and Jackson Hole, for instance. Both mountains are celebrating the big Five-O this winter. (Hmm, the author still has his Whistler Mountain 25th anniversary pass around somewhere – seems like just yesterday, in fact). And Mt. Norquay? 90!

Front Side Beauties: Blizzard Quattro Is Back!

When I first clicked into Blizzard’s soon-to-be frontside line of skis, I was a bit nervous. I’d been inundated with the details and nuances of the art and science of constructing a high-quality ski the previous day at a media launch in Nurnberg, Germany, where the Blizzard team hinted that these skis could be a game-changer – not just for the company, but for all front-side rippers. The marketing line that stuck with me was “Make your Mark” with the obvious suggestion that this ski will help you carve out some beautiful trenches to admire on your next chairlift upload.

Steve Ramey: Climber, Snowboarder, Head Chef

Vancouver is a city renowned for culinary excellence, and for the past five years, no room has crackled with buzz quite like David Hawksworth’s eponymous Hawksworth restaurant in the Hotel Georgia. Whistler Blackcomb hopes some of that magic has rubbed off on Steve Ramey, the newly appointed head chef at the refurbished Christine’s upstairs at the Rendezvous Lodge. Ramey is a North Vancouver native who served as Hawksworth’s sous-chef.

Fewer Layers, More Warmth?

Dreading the chills on the chairlift this season? A new moisturizing lotion claims to conquer the shivers by working with the body’s natural chemistry to make users feel up to 11 degrees warmer – especially during periods of rest between periods of intense activity.

Powder Calls in B.C.

The insatiable desire for first tracks and fresh powder is alive and well in western Canada, with four new licenses being granted to snowcat and heli-ski operators.

Most Stylish Skiers Ever

They were as influential off the slopes as they were on. Introducing the all- time most stylish men’s alpine ski racers.

The Ultimate 5-in-5-with-5 Ski Trip

Five friends, five ski destinations, five days. There it is in seven words, the most unique and likely adventurous ski trip that you will ever take. Think of Hangover meets The Great Race.

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