CJ’s SKATEPARK is the world’s largest indoor not-for-profit climate-controlled skatepark and will be on-site at the Toronto Ski + Snowboard Show, offering free introductory mini-lessons and demonstrations!

CJ’s will have a pop-up skatepark with ramps & obstacles distributed by Freshpark Canada, owned by CJ’s SKATEPARK.

All skateboards & safety equipment will be available to use at no charge (safety equipment required to participate).

All you’ll need is a pair of running shoes and a waiver completed by a legal guardian to join. Next step: skateboarding!

Skateboarding, much like skiing and snowboarding, helps to improves balance, co-ordination, strengthens muscles, builds self-confidence, motivation, creativity, self-esteem, and encourages friendships. In fact, many parents tell us that their children love skateboarding and scootering, and their performance at school has improved, as well.

CJ’s SKATEPARK Tech Decks and other small items will be available to purchase on-site and all proceeds go towards CJ’s SKATEPARK’s special needs programming.

For more information on CJ’s SKATEPARK, visit CJsSKATEPARK.com.