Pick up a SnowPass for your 4th or 5th grader and give them the gift of skiing and snowboarding this season.

The holiday season is upon us. Wondering what to do with the kids this holiday season to keep them busy? Well, worry no more! The Canadian Ski Council has the ticket, literally. The CSC’s Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass provides children in grade 4 and 5 with three lift tickets at each of the 150 participating ski areas across Canada for just $29.95. That’s enough skiing and snowboarding to keep them busy all winter long!
Skiing and snowboarding are two of Canada’s hottest winter sports and millions of parents know that it’s the best way to keep their little bundles of joy active and entertained during the winter. “Learning a new sport is an excellent opportunity for families to not only bond,” comments Patrick Arkeveld, President and CEO of the
Canadian Ski Council, “it’s also an exhilarating and healthy way for children to gain self-confidence, pride, and a great way to stay fit and active.”
With the holidays coming up, the Canadian Ski Council understands that budgets are tight. That’s why for the past 18 years we have been dedicated to making it easy and affordable for all parents to get their kids started in skiing and snowboarding.
The Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass is a national program and can be used at over 150 ski areas across Canada, including 31 ski areas in British Columbia, 19 in Alberta, 1 in Saskatchewan, 2 in Manitoba, 32 in Ontario, 57 in Quebec, 8 in Atlantic Canada, and 1 in the Yukon. So no matter where you live, everyone can take advantage of this fantastic offer. To see a full list of participating ski areas, please visit

Registering your child for a SnowPass is easy and any child in grade 4 or 5 is eligible (or those born in 2004 or 2005). Just visit, upload your child’s picture and proof of age, enter your method of payment, and presto – your child’s personalized SnowPass will be mailed directly to your home within days.
With all the snow that’s falling, it’s never too soon to get your children outside on the slopes and take full advantage of the savings that the SnowPass program offers. So this holiday season, bundle up the kids and hit the slopes!
Grade 4 and 5 SnowPass information and applications are available online at or Log on today and get them in time for this holiday season!