Making Winter Winners

Making Winter Winners is a national fundraising program administered by the CSC to provide funding to our amateur skiers and snowboarders to help them to one day compete at National and International Championships, World Cup events, and the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In the fall of 2010, our first grants were given out to the most deserving applicants from the Making Winter Winners fund. There were 4 grants awarded to the following recipients: Alpine Canada, Ski Jumping Canada, Nordic Combined, and the Canadian Snowboard Federation. There was also 1 educational grant awarded to Jason Myslicki from Nordic Combined to pursue a secondary education. Congratulations to all the recipients.

The Grade 4&5 SnowPass program and the Canadian Lift Pass program have raised funds each year since the program began through a voluntary donation check box on our application forms. This has proven very successful for the CSC and we are continuing to encourage ski areas to include this on their season pass applications in addition to any future ideas/events that may be introduced.


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