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In its second year, Never Ever Days accomplished goals the industry has been struggling with for years:

Making the sport more accessible to visible minorities

Making the sport more accessible to females

Making the sport more accessible to millennials

Our mission is to create lifelong skiers and snowboarders.

Never Ever Days is the answer.

Let’s turn Never Evers into Forever & Evers

What a Never Ever Day Entails…

  • Lessons cost $25 and are purchased through the Canadian Ski Council
  • Your ski area must provide a lift ticket, lesson, and rental to all redeeming Never Ever Day participants

This is not your ordinary lesson. The purpose of a Never Ever Day is to provide these new skiers and snowboarders with an opportunity to experience the very best of our ski culture in one day. We highly recommend you provide a post-lesson après as part of this experience. 

  • Your commitment to provide, at minimum, one Never Ever Day during the 2018/19 season
  • Your commitment to properly redeem all Never Ever Day proofs of purchase
    • This is essential, as it will be used to activate the comeback offers, as well as determining how much money you’ll be paid back at the end of the season
  • The lesson must be a minimum of 90 minutes in length
  • The lesson must not exceed a 10:1 student to instructor ratio

The goal of Never Ever Days is to provide a high-quality experience. Instead of delivering 200 lessons in one day, we would prefer you provide multiple lessons throughout the season with 20 lessons delivered per day.

  • 9 years of age and older are eligible to receive a Never Ever Day
  • You must provide two comeback offers, providing participants with two redeemable options at your ski area
  • Comeback offers will be trackable, so we can determine the success of creating repeat customers at your ski area
  1. Someone signs up for a Never Ever Day at your ski area
  2. They’ll receive email notifications before the lesson so they know where to meet and are properly prepared
  3. Your ski area will accept and redeem their printed proof of purchase
  4. Participants will go through the equipment rental process
  5. Instructors will take the participants out for their Never Ever Day
  6. After the lesson, all participants will get to experience an apres offering of your choice
  7. Participants will receive an email with your first comeback offer, as well as a link to complete a customer satisfaction survey
  8. If these participants redeem the comeback offer, they’ll receive an email with your second comeback offer

Results from 2017/18

Ski Areas Participated
Available Lessons Across Canada
Lessons Delivered

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If you have any questions, please contact Michele McGann at mmcgann@skicanada.org.

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