Never Ever Days

Rules and Regulations

  • Never Ever Day availability closes 36 hours before the lesson date.
  • No refunds are available, unless a lesson is cancelled by the ski area due to inclement weather.
  • To modify a Never Ever Day purchase, you must contact the ski area directly by phone. A Never Ever Day can be switched to a different date at the ski area (if applicable) up to 48 hours before the lesson date. After 48 hours, all changes are at the ski area’s discretion.
  • The Never Ever Days administration and delivery fees are not refundable under any circumstances, including incomplete applications.
  • Incomplete applications (those not including a payment or resort selection) will not be processed and a Never Ever Days will not be issued. An attempt will be made to contact you by email or telephone regarding the missing information.
  • Never Ever Days have two age restrictions:
    • 6-8 years of age
    • 9+
  • Ski areas have the right to set their own age restrictions (all ski areas in Quebec are 5+)
  • A Never Ever Days can only be purchased once per resort per applicant.
  • Only residents of Canada may apply.
  • A Never Ever Days CANNOT be used with any other offer or discount, including the Canadian Ski Council’s Canadian Lift Passes or any Maneige products.
  • We do NOT accept cash or cheques.
  • Participating ski/snowboard areas reserve the right to request photo ID as proof of eligibility at the lift ticket office.
  • The Never Ever Days Program is bonded under the Consumer Protection Act of Quebec. Permit number 601238.
  • Never Ever Days have to be booked three business days in advance of any day event.
  • Never Ever Days can only be rescheduled in extreme scenarios and cannot be rescheduled after the event. If you have any rescheduling questions, please call the Canadian Ski Council at 1-877-736-1117.
  • If a ski area cancels a Never Ever Days before the day of the event, the Canadian Ski Council will contact all purchasers and reschedule the Never Ever Days program for the soonest available lesson.

Have a question about Never Ever Days? Email us at [email protected]

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