When heading out as a family there is always the fear of over spending but luckily with ski and snowboard trips there are always ways to save a bit of cash here and there. We’ve come up with a few tips to help you save money.


 1.       Take the Whole Family!

Most ski areas offer great rates to groups of 20-25 or more. Contact the ski area for more information on what they offer as some even have group savings for rentals and lessons.


2.       Special Ticket Pricing and Deals

Check out the ski areas webpage or contact them directly to see what kind of deals they offer.  Ski areas sometimes offer family passes, multi ticket deals and different levels of season passes that help save money.


3.       Take Your Own Lunch!

Unlike theme parks and other family day trip venues, ski area chalets are set up so that you can bring a lunch with you. Chalets offer places to sit and eat while you take a small break from the slopes. Yes, they offer yummy options in their cafeteria and restaurants but they understand that sometimes bringing food from home is needed.


4.       Have a Child in Grade 4 or 5?

Over 150 participating ski areas have come together to offer grade 4s & 5s the opportunity to ski and ride 3 times at EACH participating ski area with the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass card. To purchase the $29.95 SnowPass card or to see a list of participating ski areas head to www.snowpass.ca.


5.       Bundle Everything up for Savings!

It works for your cell phone and cable bill so why not do it for your ski day too? The Discover Skiing and Snowboarding package was created to help make everything simple and cost effective. When purchasing a Discover package you receive your lift ticket, lesson and rentals all at a discounted cost. For more information please check out the Discover section of our website.

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