Although the 16-17 ski season isn’t completely done from coast to coast, many of us are already left trying to cope with another winter that’s come and gone. To help with the post-winter blues, we’ve gathered our top 5 favourite stories from the past season.

5. A Guide to Backcountry Skiing in Quebec

Ski hors piste*. Backcountry. Ski aventure. Alpine Touring. Randonnée Alpine. Sidecountry. Ski sauvage. Slackcountry. Ski randonée. Ski Touring. In Quebec, there are almost as many ways of saying ‘backcountry skiing’ as there are ways of doing it.

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4. Raclette: Cheese of the (Mountain) Gods

Cheese has been a mouth-watering staple of our traditional mountain diets for centuries, enriching our alpine sandwiches, filling our charcuterie boards, and glueing together the toppings on those late-night pizza slices.

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3. How to Save on a Family Ski Vacation … and Still Have Fun

If you’re headed for the slopes with your loved ones (and I hope you are, as I highly recommend it) — for a day, a week, even an epic six-week journey like ours — read on. Learn how to save on a family ski vacation… and still have fun.

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2. Sensory Overload

I’ve managed to get to Lake Louise once or twice a year for the past 15 years, but only this winter did I discover the surreal backcountry ski experience waiting for me in Skoki. This pilgrimage to a luxurious-yet-rugged backcountry adventure destination was pure, natural bliss.

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1. From Launchpad to Liftoff

It’s not just families who buy into the Grade 4 & 5 Snowpass – sporting organizations like Freestyle Canada are also big supporters of our program. Elite skiers spend thousands of days on skis but some of the earliest experiences are the most important. Phil Marquis, Freestyle Canada team member and World Cup medalist, shares his memories of skiing as a kid and how they shaped him as a skier.

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