Now in its 28th year, the Canadian Lift Pass is a discounted program allowing you to purchase packages of 5, 10 or 20 lift passes at a time. To make the Program more affordable and accessible, ski areas are broken up into different tiers (Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Fun Pack, and Cross Country), allowing you to find the right package that fits both your needs and your price point.

Canadian Lift Passes are available to everyone and can be shared with friends, family, co-workers, and everything in between (please read our rules and regulations for information on restrictions).


Participating ski areas are assigned to different ticket categories based on the cost of a full-day 2018/19 lift ticket. We then offer our customers the opportunity to buy packs of lift tickets at a generous discount of up to 35%.

If a ski area is in a different ticket category from last year it is because they have made changes to their lift ticket pricing for the 2018/19 season.

Depending on which ticket level you purchase, you can use your Canadian Lift Passes at up to 140 different ski areas in Canada.

No, this is not a season’s pass. Canadian Lift Passes are a group of individual lift tickets, which can be redeemed at up to 100+ ski areas in Canada.

Every participating ski area is assigned to one of five tiers – Gold, Silver, Bronze, Fun Pack, and Cross Country – based on their average lift ticket price.

Cross Country – can only be used at ski areas listed as under the Cross Country section in the program

Fun Pack –Cross Country, plus all of the Fun Pack-listed ski areas

Bronze – Fun Pack, plus all of the Bronze-listed ski areas

Silver – Bronze, plus all of the Silver-listed ski areas

Gold – Silver, plus all of the Gold-based ski areas

Diamond – can be redeemed at every participating ski area in the program

No. Silver passes can redeemed at all ski areas listed as Silver, Bronze, Fun Pack, and Cross Country.

Yes. Canadian Lift Passes can be shared with friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, and everyone in-between.

Yes. Canadian Lift Passes make a perfect gift, as you can buy one pack of 20 Canadian Lift Passes and give them as gifts to friends, family, and everyone in-between.

No, Canadian Lift Passes cannot be resold. Canadian Lift passes have no cash value and cannot be resold under any circumstances. If you or anyone in possession of your passes are caught reselling them (i.e. on ski area premises, anywhere online, etc.), the ski area has the right to confiscate the passes and take legal action. The CSC will also deactivate all remaining passes and will blacklist the purchaser from all of our programs.

You can use up to 20 lift passes at one time, so grab your friends and go hit the slopes!

Yes, you can give the passes to someone.

No, if you give the passes to someone you do not have to be at the ski area with them. Canadian Lift Passes are fully transferrable, making them the perfect option to share passes with family, friends, and everyone in-between.

No, you cannot use your unused passes the following season. Canadian Lift Passes expire at the end of each season on May 31st.

Yes, some ski areas have blackout periods during the season where Canadian Lift Passes are not valid and cannot be used. We recommend you check our Blackout Dates section before you buy to ensure the dates don’t conflict with your potential usage plans.

No, you do not have to register your cards before going to the ski area. However, we do suggest that you register all cards that you plan on giving to other people, for added security in case something were to happen to the cards.