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As March dawns our thoughts turn to spring skiing and bumps.  Our Vintage Video segment for this week finds us with Rob Butler discussing the finer points of bump skiing in this throwback to 1985.  For more great Vintage Ski Videos CLICK HERE

  • Check Out This Whistler Spring Break Bucket List

    Ex-Easterner and long-time Whistler local, Kristen Wint, has some great suggestions for winter adventures to experience with your family while in Whistler when you want to switch things up from skiing and riding.

  • Plan the best spring break at Whistler Blackcomb

    If you’re booking your spring break at Whistler Blackcomb this year, ex-Easterner and long-time Whistler local, Kristen Wint, has your perfect how-to guide for an awesome trip to beautiful BC.

  • Biggest Snow Dump in the World to Land at Whistler

    Wow! Did you see the snow forecast for Whistler and the coastal mountains? It’s crazy! The Weather Network meteorologist, Tyler Hamilton says the biggest accumulation of snow on the planet is set to land on higher elevations through Saturday and Sunday. “How much?” you ask with bated breath. A whopping 200 centimetres! If you are planning to head for the freshies, check out this story on how to have the best Spring Break at Whistler.

  • A Family Escape to a Snowy Wonderland Called SilverStar

    My husband and I spent a fantastic weekend skiing SilverStar Mountain Resort, way back BC (before children). Now that we have a couple kids of our own, we were excited to revisit this snowy wonderland as a family.

  • The Powder Highway: Commute Through a Skier’s Paradise

    Looking for a new point of view? Ditch the 401 commute and head out to B.C.’s Powder Highway this winter to take in some of the best mountain vistas to be found anywhere. White-knuckle ski poles instead of your steering wheel with a visit to the Kootenay Region of southeastern British Columbia and a road-trip along this famous route.

  • Snowiest, Cruisiest, Prettiest: Our Top Ski Runs In BC

    The Canadian Ski Council is excited to partner with SnowSeekers to bring you stories and inspiration about booking a snow-filled adventure you won’t soon forget. In this column, we reveal 12 of our favourite runs in BC.

  • Cruising Is Easy On BC’s Coastal Blues and Greens

    The Canadian Ski Council is excited to partner with SnowSeekers to bring you stories and inspiration about booking a snow-filled adventure you won’t soon forget. In previous instalments, we wrote about the science of snowcasting and why this is the

  • 10 Tips for Planning Your Best Western Canada Ski Holiday

    Get a jump on planning your Western Canada ski holiday with SnowSeekers’ tips on everything from how to pack to where to ski and stay.

  • The Science of Snowcasting

    If you’ve ever gazed out at traffic gridlock from the 504 TTC street car in Toronto, watching the snow fall endlessly, you’ve likely wondered how great it would be to put all that snow to better use. Well you can by heading west, strapping on your skis or a board and escaping the big city winter blues.

  • What are you waiting for? This is the year to get out to Ski BC’s Coast

    If the last couple of seasons are any indication, we’re headed for a winter that’s promising heaps of snow at Whistler Blackcomb.

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TIPS UP! Ski Tips with Josh Foster – Turning Effort Led by Lower Body

Are you leading your turns with your upper body or lower body? This week, Josh explains the importance of leading turns with your legs to get the most out of your skis.

Learning to Ski in Alberta

Whether you're young or old, it's never too late to give skiing or snowboarding a try. Video courtesy Go Ski Alberta.

How to Choose Downhill Skis – Kids

When it comes to buying children’s skis, you want to avoid choosing skis that “they’ll grow into.” Longer skis are harder to steer, which makes it tough to learn. It’s always possible to ski on shorter skis with comfort and control, but the opposite isn’t true.

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