Renting Snowboard Equipment


Head to the rental shop before your first day on the hill. Try and go either in the late morning or early afternoon when crowds are going to be lightest. Call the ski area in advance for more information about renting snowboard equipment. Don’t forget to bring your I.D as it is a requirement for renting snowboard equipment.


Be truthful about your weight, height and skill level, and if you’re planning on all-mountain riding or are going to spend most of your time in the terrain park. The technician will set your bindings appropriately.

Read the fine print of the agreement. It will probably tell you you’re responsible for damages or stolen equipment. Some shops allow you to exchange equipment for better fitting gear or a refund. Make sure to ask about it!


The first thing you’ll need to know is your stance: goofy or regular. Put on a pair of socks and slide across the floor. Which foot did you lead with? If it was your right foot in front, you’re goofy-footed. Left foot in front is regular. Go with what feels right. If you get on the mountain and want to switch, you can either stop at the rental shop at the lodge or use the tools by the lifts to adjust your stance.

Your stance should be about equal to your shoulder width. The angle of your feet is also important. A forward stance is best for beginners. It sets your front foot forward (around 20°) and your back foot facing only slightl