Purchasing the Right Equipment

Ski Equipment


Skiing can be a lifetime sport. We’ve already spoken at length about how important it is to have equipment custom chosen and sized exactly for you. So when is it time to shell out the cash for a brand new setup of your own?

First, we have some basic questions for you:

How often will you use this equipment?

Is it possible the equipment will be outgrown, either by a child or by a person’s progress in the snow?

Are you willing to pay for the right equipment for you?


Once you decide you want your very own equipment, be prepared for the price. A ski setup can cost from $500 up to thousands of dollars. While we don’t expect money to not be a factor, remember how important fit and function are before you just go for the best-priced package deal at the ski shop. That being said, most retail shops will offer ski/boot/bindings/poles packages for a variety of skill levels. It’s a good place to start.

A great option for beginners, children and those not yet committed to the purchase is an equipment lease. Often you’ll end up with new equipment, and the best thing about it is that you will be able to grow accustomed to it throughout the season and focus on your progress and fun instead of adjusting a new rental setup every time. Often, shops will allow a buy-out of your lease at the end of the season if you’ve grown attached to it.

The least committal way to access equipment is to rent by the day or week. This is the way to go for someone who hasn’t already committed to a season, those who don’t ski frequently, or those just not qui