Next Step Lessons

Overview of Next Step Lessons.

Next Step Lessons

Once you can turn left and right, you might be tempted to ditch the lessons, and head off on your own. There’s so much more to learn! A qualified CASI instructor can teach you to ride the trees, shred the park, attack the steeps, or whatever else you want to master! Be sure to talk to your instructor, and let them know what exactly you can do; and what you want to learn next!


Experienced Riders

Snowboarding is way more than one lesson on the beginner slope. Once you’ve got the basics down, the rest of the mountain is yours to experience. CASI instructors can help guide you through your journey. Some ideas:

  • Perfect your turns
  • Learn how to carve pencil lines in the snow
  • Shred the trees, powder or bumps

Hit The Park!

When many people think snowboarding they picture rails, jumps and halfpipes. Resorts are building these playgrounds for every level from novice to expert and for all ages. CASI instructors can help you make your freestyle dreams come true.

Wanna Teach?

If you’re at least 15 years old, and have a passion for sharing your love of snowboarding with others, you might want to become an instructor. Check out this link for more info…

Learn to RIP!

CASI’s Rider Improvement Program features a six-step plan to get you shredding the trees, park, powder, and groomers. The program includes take-home progress cards outlining what you’ve learned and can accomplish, as well as what you’ll learn at your next lesson. Ask for it at your local resort’s snowboard school.

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