Feeling Too Young or Too Old? Eliminate the Misperception

It’s your turn…

Now is a great time to start your skiing career.  How old is too old?  How young is too young?  The answer is: it’s never too early or too late to start skiing.  It really comes down to your goals and expectations.

Children can start coming to the ski hill at any age.  Most ski areas offer a great daycare service in which children as young as 3 years old have some time on the snow with a qualified ski instructor.  At a young age, it is important that the children learn to love being outside, sliding around and getting used to their equipment.  Some children can learn to slide, stop and even turn at this young age; however, the main focus is on fun and enjoyment of the ski environment.

Adults can start at any age as well.  Anyone who is interested can do it.  All ski areas have great programs for adults learning to