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Take A Lesson!

Take a Lesson

Do you remember taking a ski or snowboard lesson with your school or your family? Or maybe your friends helped you out, or you just struggled to figure it out by yourself, shying away from a formal lesson. Lessons may once have seemed a necessary evil to gain access to the ski area. But most snow sporters don’t realize that learning and teaching have changed.

Ski Lessons
Snowboard Lessons

What to Expect!

What to Expect

Your first day out at a ski and snowboard area can seem a little overwhelming, but we’ve got your back! Here is a little overview of what you can expect on your first day on the slopes. We’ve covered everything you need to know! From parking, purchasing tickets to lunch it’s all here!

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Buying new ski equipment

 What to Wear

Most items that you are going to need on your first trip