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Learn to Ski

Do you remember taking a ski lesson with your school or your family? Or maybe your friends helped you out, or you just struggled to figure it out by yourself, shying away from a formal lesson. Ski lessons may once have seemed a necessary evil to gain access to the ski area. But most skiers don’t realize that learning and teaching skiing have changed. Whether you are a first-time skier or someone who has been skiing for decades, a lesson today involves more than just standing on the side of the hill waiting for an instructor to wave you down and critique your skiing.

Today’s ski instructors are trained to put the learner at the center of the lesson. You and your skiing are the center of attention, and the instructor is there to inspire, motivate, put your mind at ease and find out how you learn best. Gone are the days of breaking down bad habits and starting from scratch. Whether you participate in a group or private lesson, instructors are trained to recognize your strengths and build on them. Depending on your background, athletically and otherwise, your instructor will develop skills specific to your needs and objectives.

At ski schools all across the country, Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) ski professionals are waiting to share a lesson with you. With a ski lesson you will improve your abilities, and improved abilities mean a better ski experience. You’ll be able to explore the ski area more efficiently, feel the wind in your face and experience skiing like never before. Take a lesson and feel the freedom- it’s all about you!

Start with Good Equipment

Forget the hand-me downs from great Uncle Charlie. Today’s gear for kids has made learning to ski easier than ever. The most important thing is to buy equipment that is the right size. This might mean changing equipment regularly, but quality kids gear has good resale value. You will recover most of your investment. Most areas offer good rentals for small children, and check with the snow school lesson packages that include equipment.

Then Good Instruction

Kids in lessons learn safety on the slopes and lifts, as well as leaning the rules of the ski area. They also progress quickly as skiers, and of course they will meet new friends! Today’s instructors are trained to manage groups efficiently.

Children learn with “Copy Cat” games, drills and situational teaching adapted to their age and background. Most snow schools offer a variety of options for kids. Private or semi-private lessons have the advantage of close attention, but don’t under estimate the value of a group lesson. Check with the snow school to make sure the instructors are CSIA-certified and if there is a follow up report card system that can track a student’s progress.

Whether you are a parent, family member or family friend, taking part in the discovery of this sport is an enchanting experience. Take children skiing and you will rediscover the sport through their eyes. Help create a new skier and you will be giving a gift for a life- a great, new lifestyle.

Content Courtesy of Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA)



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