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About the Canadian Ski Council

The goal of the Canadian Ski Council is to increase participation in recreational snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing in Canada.

Go Skiing Go Snowboarding

Step 1: Ready


Ok, we know you’ve seen it on TV, in magazines and like us you were probably standing in silence hoping and cheering for Gold medals during the 2010 Winter Olympics, but what really is Skiing and Snowboarding? The bigger question is how do you get started?

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Step 2: Set


Alright! You’ve finished Step 1; you like what you see and are ready to try it out! Come on over to Step 2 and let us help you get ready for your first venture out on the greatest ski terrain in the world!

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Step 3: Go


Whew! What an awesome day on the slopes, these are memories you want to recreate all the time, every winter, FOREVER! Let us now guide you through what you are going to need to take up skiing and/or snowboarding.

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