Why Ski or Snowboard?

We are an organization of skiers and snowboarders so we may seem a bit biased on why you should ski or snowboard, but really we just want to share with everyone why we’ve fallen in love with these winter sports and why we think you will to.

We believe that there is a sweet spot to Canadian winter. And it’s not on the bleachers, on the sidelines, in a passenger seat, indoors, or in an armchair in front of a screen. It’s on snow.


Because we have seen and felt that there’s no limitation to the number of aha! moments a person can have when once that first hook is set. We have loved the free-spirited experiences we’ve found in the freshness of the outdoors, in the heart of winter in the mountains, in a quick leg-burning run, in a gut-busting laugh-the-whole-way-up chairlift ride, in the challenges and the failures of this addicting accomplishment. We love the way skiing and riding calls to our solitary, independent natures. But we also know that it’s more fun in twos and threes and fours. Even if you go out riding on your own, you aren’t ever lonely. You will never be lonely. At the end of the day, no matter how old you are, sliding on snow is still the best feeling of your life. And that is a belief that we all share. And that we want to share.


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