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Like what you hear? Sign your ski area up now to deliver Never Ever Days this season!

Please fill out the information below and if you have any questions at all, please contact us at 1-877-736-1117or at help@skicanada.org.


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  • In partnership with Alpine Canada, Sunday January 27th is National Ski & Snowboard Day, which is great for core skiers and snowboarders. But we want to do something special for newcomers to our sports!

    We're calling this great event Canada's Largest Lesson and your participation is vital. We want to set a new record for the most lessons delivered on one day in Canada, but this is more than just a big Never Ever Day. We want to make this a special, must-see event.

    To raise the stakes, we're going to make it a contest: the ski area that runs the best event on Sunday January 27th will win $5000 to go towards building a skier and snowboarder development program! (More details on how we'll judge the winner to follow.)

    Will your ski area offer a Never Ever Day on Sunday January 27th to support Canada's Largest Lesson? If so, please don't forget to list it as one of your Never Ever Days lesson dates below.
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    After each Never Ever Day, participants will receive an email of your two comeback offers, with the ability to redeem one of the two offers. Feel free to make your comeback offers unique to your ski area. Here are some examples of offers from last year: Example #1: 50% off lift pass for your next visit. Example #2: 70% off rentals for your next visit. Example #3: 2 for 1 lift tickets Example #4: 25% off a lesson and rental package Example #5: free lunch on your next visit
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