As Fall invades the Saint-Sauveur Valley hills, changing the scenery in a wide range of colours, Mont Saint-Sauveur is proud to announce the arrival of two innovations this 2014-2015 ski season.

Before anything else, let’s scythe!

Autumn doesn’t only mean that Mont Saint-Sauveur’s Water Park closes, but also sees all the preparation for the upcoming ski season begin.  Checking the trails’ lights, up keeping the grooming machine, snow lines and snow guns, but before anything else, we have to scythe! The hill’s operations team is proud to welcome this Fall a brand new mower, unique in Quebec! With a 12 feet long frontal cutter bar, this new addition allows a larger working area on a single passage, previously executed by a tractor with a 6 feet wide cutter bar. Fixed on a groomer, this new mower merges speed, stability and comfort, as the passenger’s compartment provides air conditioning, greatly appreciated by the employees during hot temperatures.

The Avenue des champions; a little undergrowth for learning to ski

Ready to start the season soon, Mont Saint-Sauveur is proud to announce that a brand new undergrowth will see the light, just in time for Christmas. Created specifically to help skiing apprenticeship, this new skiable ground will be set between the La Plagne and 72 trails. This location will give young apprentices the chance to get introduced to the undergrowth challenges. In addition, in order to  honour the numerous Olympic medallists who grew up with the hill’s Freestyle Team, the undergrowth will proudly take the name of AVENUE DES CHAMPIONS.

Proud of its 2014-2015 innovations, Mont Saint-Sauveur is ready to open the ski season! Let the countdown begin!