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Living in a mountain town has its struggles. Struggles like finding a parking spot at your favourite coffee shop, finding time to file taxes when the spring skiing is good and making quality time for that special someone…

Between work, skiing, climbing, training and whatever other activities you have on the go, there isn’t much time (and energy) left to go out for a classic date. If you’re like me and your partner also loves all of the above past times, you usually adventure together. But hiking uphill, sweaty and determined to get as many fresh lines in as possible, doesn’t leave much room for romance.

Sitting still isn’t the easiest thing for Mountain folk – so seeing a movie or going out for an expensive dinner doesn’t always seem appealing. If you want to have your cake and eat it too, add a little extra spice to those epic outings you’re planning.

Ski Date

So you want to get some turns in and still spend time gazing into your partner eyes? Why not turn your lunch break into a romantic picnic…Pack a small spread and a light blanket or thermarest to keep the setting cozy. If you really want to set the mood, fill a bottle or bag with a bit of wine and a couple reusable plastic cups. But remember, don’t get too crazy, you still need to ski out or just make it back to your tent for the evening…

Climbing Date

There’s nothing more romantic than an easy multi-pitch climb right? Checking each others knots, working on your communication skills and sitting on a ledge for sunset – what could be better? Bring along some snacks, a camera to capture that perfect moment and enjoy the view while hanging in your harness.

Summit Date

After the hard work of getting up is over, enjoy a date on the top