Meet the Canadian Ski Council Team

We are a small and diverse team of 6 members with our central location being our office in Woodbridge, ON. We do everything within our team from coordinating research and advocacy, marketing, events and programs  to the coordinating of the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass program and Discover Skiing/Snowboarding with the assistance of our seasonal team members.

Paul Pinchbeck

President and CEO

Paul was born into a family where hockey could have been considered a religion, but his snow addiction soon found a way to the surface. One class trip at the age of 13 and he was hooked on skiing and snowboarding for life.

Although only a recent arrival to the Canadian Ski Council in the role of President and CEO, Paul has spent a career dedicated to snowsports and sees the industry through a lens that includes retail, manufacturer and resort based experience.  A keen advocate for customer-centric strategies, Paul comes to the CSC after a 14 year engagement with Blue Mountain Resort, ultimately serving as VP, Marketing as the resort grew into a four season destination.

A family man, Paul loves to be outdoors and on the water with his wife Lynn, daughter Hayley, and his chocolate lab Rallye. Camping, hiking, and boating occupy a significant part of their non-winter lives. Although, Paul enjoys a bit of racing with the boys and road cycling when time allows.

Michael headshot

Michael Fulton

Marketing & Communications Manager

Michael has been the Marketing & Communications Manager with the CSC since April 2014. Michael’s main role is to ensure the CSC programs and initiatives all have strong, consistent messaging and branding across the board. Sports have always been a huge part of Michael’s life, which alone intrigued him. Being able to combine that with working for a not-for-profit, which happens to offer quite possibly the best grassroots programs available in Canada, sweetened the deal for Michael. Michael graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts, with a Major in Sociology and a Minor in Political Science. He also received a Post-Graduate Certificate from Sheridan College in Advertising. His first job was working at Tip Top Tailors as “the worst suit salesman of all time.” From there, he has spent time at an ad agency, running the marketing and communications for an IT company, and trying his hand as a marketing consultant.

There is no contest, Michael prefers skiing all the way although he didn’t have the most enjoyable first time skiing. When he was about eight, he was at Sir Sam’s in Haliburton waiting at the bottom of the hill for a lesson, when he decided to take the tow rope up to the bunny hill and figure it out on his own. Halfway up, he fell down, shimmied to the side, and struggled to get onto his feet. He ended up “racing” down the hill and crashing into a giant puddle. He was soaked, crying and never made his lesson. Thankfully, his parents forced him to try again the following year and despite the memory, Sir Sam’s holds a special place in his heart, especially going down Dingle Dangle and singing with his sisters. He has been to eleven areas in Ontario, one in Quebec, three in the USA and one in Australia. He loves that skiing is something everyone can do together. Michael has slight (read HUGE) obsessions with music and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Marie Andree headshot

Marie-Andree Hache

Bilingual Administrative Assistant 

Marie-Andree joined the CSC in November 2014 as the Bilingual Administrative Assistant. She joined the CSC originally on a temporary basis, but she got the chance to know the team and the industry, which was a change from the world of healthcare. She liked the dynamic of the team and that the CSC promotes the ski and snowboard industry for kids. It helps keep the next generation active and healthy. Marie-Andree graduated from New Brunswick Community College in 1996 from the Business Technology Program.

Previous to her role at the CSC, Marie-Andree was the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO at the Vitalité Health Network for 11 years. She’s also worked for the Canada Revenue Agency as a clerk and worked as a secretary at the Foyer Notre-Dame de Lourdes, a nursing home. Outside of work, Marie-Andree likes to read, go for walks, listen to music, playing darts, scrapbooking, and watching hockey.

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