Meet the Canadian Ski Council Team

We are a small and diverse team of 6 members with our central location being our office in Woodbridge, ON. We do everything within our team from coordinating research and advocacy, marketing, events and programs  to the coordinating of the Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass program and Discover Skiing/Snowboarding with the assistance of our seasonal team members.

Paul Pinchbeck

President and CEO

Paul was born into a family where hockey could have been considered a religion, but his snow addiction soon found a way to the surface. One class trip at the age of 13 and he was hooked on skiing and snowboarding for life.

Although only a recent arrival to the Canadian Ski Council in the role of President and CEO, Paul has spent a career dedicated to snowsports and sees the industry through a lens that includes retail, manufacturer and resort based experience.  A keen advocate for customer-centric strategies,