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Canadian Ski Council Research

The mandate of the Canadian Ski Council is to work with ski areas to conduct research in an inexpensive way and to provide ski areas with qualitative and quantitative information about their skiers and snowboarders. This also enables the Council to produce regional and national reports about skiers/snowboarders to assist our industry in a competitive recreational market place and helps us to track the trends and initiatives that affect all of our businesses.

Proper research will enable each ski area to collect information that will assist them in their marketing plans, determining resort development projects and determining customer satisfaction of the products and services provided.

For more information on the CSC’s research program and for a complete pricing guide, please contact Natalie Dalzell at [email protected] or call the CSC office at 1-877-440-9140.

Facts and Stats

Are you interested in SOME INTERESTING FACTS & STATS about Skiers, Snowboarders and Cross-Country skiers from the 2011/2012 season?


  • A profile on Skiers, Snowboarders and Cross-Country Skiers
  • Market Size
  • Age Profile
  • Gender Profile
  • Language Profile
  • Regional Share
  • Household Income
  • Employment Profile
  • Education Profile
  • Percentage Participating In Other Sports
  • Participation Trends
  • Alpine Skier Visits by Region
  • Estimated # of Canadian Ski Area Facilities
  • # of Alpine Skiers in Canada
  • Regional & City Breakdown of Alpine Skiers
  • Alpine and Cross-Country Equipment Sales Trends
  • # of Ski Clubs, Ski Safety and Learn To Ski Info

Facts and Stats documents are available in PDF format. If you would like to purchase a copy of our Facts and Stats, please email Natalie at: [email protected]


The student edition of Facts and Stats is $25.00 + applicable taxes. Please include your credit card information (name on card, card number and expiration date) within your email request and student card to Natalie. Visa and Mastercard only. Once the payment has been processed you will receive your copy of Facts and Stats. For any businesses or individuals wanting to purchase Facts and Stats you must be an Associate Membership of the CSC (click here for sign up form).


Canadian Model for Growth

UPDATED!!!! The 2012-2013 regional Models for Growth are now available.

To purchase articles summarizing the Canadian Model for Growth and other valuable Minority Research information, please contact Natalie Dalzell. For a complete pricing guide please click here. To receive a copy of these Models, please contact the Canadian Ski Council at: 1-877-440-9140 or send an email to: [email protected]