Alpine Ontario will host its first two fundraisers for ski racers heading to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi on October 29.

The events are part of the annual AOA fundraiser; this year’s theme is “To Sochi with Love.”

The main event celebrates the Ontario and Canadian ski teams and features Jan Hudac, Erin Mielzynski, John Kucera, Phil Brown, Madison Irwin, Roni Remme, Morgan Megarry, Candace Crawford and Julia Roth. Says AOA President Scott Barrett: “The evening will include lots of interaction with the athletes, photos, a World Cup gold medal, food prepared by the top chefs at Miele and, of course, a tax receipt.”

Earlier on October 29th, AOA will also be offering a luncheon with top Olympic athletes so that younger skiers (U10 – U16) can get to know them, feel connected to them during the Olympics, and be inspired by their success. The kids will be put into teams with the athletes in a contest to create a cheer for the Canadian ski team, they will be signing a banner for the athletes to take to Sochi with them, they will have their photo taken wearing the World Championship Gold Medal, and much more.

“This can be a fantastic day for our athletes,” says Barrett, “in the funds raised through the evening event and through inspiring them at the luncheon to reach new heights. “

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Photo courtesy of Alpine Ontario.

SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles