Upwards of 90 skiers and snowboarders flocked to the only snow-covered slopes they could find last weekend for the First Annual Ribs & Jibs Event at Poley Mountain, New Brunswick.

Hailing from all parts of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, skiers and snowboarders described as “anxious” gathered at Poley Mountain to take part in the event that saw participants performing various maneuvers on a combination of six features of a Terrain Park that was set up specifically for this event on the beginner area of the resort.

This event was organized to alleviate the anxiety of young skiers and snowboarders who have been having trouble sleeping in anticipation of the upcoming ski/snowboard season.

The name of the event, Ribs & Jibs, may leave some confused, but the day ended with a serving of delicious ribs and fries in the Fireside Lounge while participants awaited their name to be called for the many prizes, including a pair of skis and a snowboard.

The main event was the jibs portion of the event where participants had from 1pm – 3pm to hit the various features that were set up.

“Jib” is a ski/snowboard slang term meaning to slide, jump or otherwise use a rail, box, picnic table or other feature set up in the Terrain Park very similar to what you would see skateboarders doing in a Skateboard park.  This event was not judged, but there was certainly a crowd out to watch the impressive talent being shown by the young skiers and snowboarders.

Poley Mountain is aiming for an Official opening day of Saturday, December 14, 2013.

The resort invested in more snowmaking equipment this fall which was used to cover the area used for this event. General Manager; Bill Anderson, was overheard saying, “It looks like mid-January conditions.” Anderson was referring to the amount of snow spread over the beginner area.   Snowmaking commenced early this year on November 24th, with crews making as much snow as temperatures will permit.  There are currently massive piles of snow from the top to the bottom of the mountain which the ski area leaves in piles until it is time to open for the season.

For more info on Poley, see www.PoleyMountain.com

Photo courtesy of Poley Mountain.

SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles