THE TOWN OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS, ON– With all systems queued up to go, Blue Mountain Resort has announced November 27, 2015 as opening day this winter. Blue has opened for skiing and snowboarding during the last week of November several times in the past, but a typical opening date is in early to mid-December. With less than a month to go, the team at Blue is busy making sure everything from snowmaking to housekeeping is ready for the upcoming season.

“It is around this time of year that staff and guests really start getting excited about winter,” says Tara Lovell, Manager, Public Relations. “Our early bird deadline for season pass sales is November 1 and Winter Warriors want to know when they can get on the hill. We are excited to start a countdown to the season.”

November 27, 2015 is the target date but Blue, along with every other ski-enthusiast, is watching the weather. Fortunately, the long-term forecast is looking positive for ideal snowmaking conditions. Earlier in the week, Blue was testing its snowmaking infrastructure to ensure all systems are ready for any short snowmaking windows.

Steve Spiessman, Director of Slope and Grounds Maintenance, does note that Mother Nature still has the last say when it comes to snow. “November’s forecast is looking good, but it is hard to know exactly what weather is in store in the next few weeks. What we are doing is everything we can to be open on the 27th. Otherwise, we just need conditions to be favourable for making snow.”

Along with getting snowmaking and operational systems ready, Blue will be closing down green season attractions this weekend and the Resort is currently hiring seasonal staff for the winter. More information and updates on snow conditions can be found on Blue’s website at

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