A ski lesson is often thought of as something for kids and beginners, but good guidance can help inspire you at any level. Here are five good reasons to take a lesson from a CSIA instructor.


Break on through to the next level

Getting better doesn’t have to be complicated – your instructor will use their knowledge to provide simple tricks. A little technical background helps, but good instruction focuses on achievement, not perfection!

Build confidence

Any level of skier has a point where they tighten up, and you can’t move like an athlete if you’re nervous. Your instructor will recognize this and put you at ease with the right terrain and challenge so you get the feeling without getting scared.

Skiing is supposed to be fun

Instructors are trained to keep people learning with a fun, activity-based approach. You will ski a lot and find that your instructor will keep you moving and smiling.

Explore the mountain

A good instructor knows the mountain and how to maximize it. They will guide you through a series of changing situations and show you how to use terrain and conditions to your advantage.

Life is too short to struggle

Whether you are already a good skier looking for the next breakthrough or a beginner just starting the sport, make your winter more enjoyable with some professional guidance. Maximize your experience by getting on the right track.


Remember, experts don’t have the monopoly on fun. Regardless of your level, get out there and enjoy. Ask for a CSIA instructor at a snow school near you!

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