The successful alliance between the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) and the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) has been extended for another three years.

Every Fall since 2007, IBAC has donated large quantities of their iconic purple blankets — plus several hundred posters and banners supporting the wearing of protective helmets — have been donated to to several ski resorts across the country to assist the CSP with their goal of keeping Canadians on ski hills safe.

“We are so proud of our partnership with the Canadian Ski Patrol,” said IBAC President Stephen Halsall. “Our purple blanket, part of our identity, is our way of expressing the comfort and security that brokers provide their clients; much like the services provided by those who patrol our slopes and attend to those in need.”

The Canadian Ski Patrol was initially created to provide first aid and rescue services on ski hills and delivering this valued service still remains their core focus. Over the past two decades, however, CSP services have extended beyond the ski hill to offer first aid/medical support, and full medical team coordination, for a long list of recreational, music and sporting events (marathons and cycling) for many organizations across the country.

“The IBAC blankets have not only proven to be a valuable component of  the services we offer during the winter,” says CSP President Colin Saravanamuttoo, “they have become invaluable part of our equipment at many different kinds of sporting events year ‘round.”

The CSP works continually to encourage sporting enthusiasts to play safely and have fun. IBAC’s blankets help them to do that more effectively.


SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles