The new CSIA Skier Development Program is a tool for snow schools and instructors. It provides guidelines for the development of all skiers, with a special focus on young skiers.

Like its predecessor, the Skier Development Program is built on six development levels for skiers under six years old (Mini Vikings). For skiers of six years and up there are three main development levels: Exploration, Adventure, and Performance. In turn each of these categories has three levels of ability: bronze, silver and gold.

The technical reference points have been modified for clarity and will help instructors and skiers understand how skiing skills develop within a safe and fun environment, providing clear and achievable objectives to motivate skiers of all ages.

With a new instructor guide, evaluation booklets and supporting videos the Skier Development Program is now available for snow schools.

For more info: www.snowpro.com

Photo courtesy of Big White.

SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles