Tips Up – Crossing Over

It's all in the hips (and feet) this week, as Josh Foster helps us improve our transitions from one turn to the next.

Tips Up – The Edge of Balance

On our first Tips Up of the 2017/18 season, Josh Foster shows us how edge work and your transitions are the keys to finding perfect balance.

Tips Up – How to Use Visualization to Improve Your Skiing

Edith shows us why using proactive visualization is a key component to ski improvement. Watching and analyzing your competition – or the skier that you’d like to emulate – and incorporating this into mental preparation can be a game changer.

The Art of Bump Skiing

It’s a fact: the only constant in the bumps is change. Edith shows us the importance of remaining balanced and centered over your skis and getting back to being balanced when you get “bumped” along the way.

Tips Up – Preparation & Patience

In this week’s Ski Tip, Edith explains and shows how to initiate your turn properly by using patience and letting your skis work for you, is the key to getting into the turn properly.

Tips Up – Adjust Your Tempo

In this installment of Ski Tips, Edith explains and demonstrates how to maintain control and adjust your tempo and rhythm to suit the terrain. A game changer for handling the steeps.

Tips Up – Maintaining Control

Controlling your speed is easy on a green run but can be much more challenging when you're dealing with steeper terrain. Edith shows us how to maintain control and speed under any situation on the slopes, one turn at a time.

Tips Up – Managing Transitions

Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain your balance when you go from skiing on a flat terrain to skiing on a steeper pitch. Edith shows up how to position your body leading into the pitch change to make a seamless transition.

Tips Up – Skiing the Trees

Whether you're an off-piste expert or a skier looking for a new adventure, Edith gives us some pointers on how to navigate skiing in the trees so you can stay confident and have fun in the powder.