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Tips Up – Adjust Your Tempo

In this installment of Ski Tips, Edith explains and demonstrates how to maintain control and adjust your tempo and rhythm to suit the terrain. A game changer for handling the steeps.

Tips Up – Maintaining Control

Controlling your speed is easy on a green run but can be much more challenging when you're dealing with steeper terrain. Edith shows us how to maintain control and speed under any situation on the slopes, one turn at a time.

Tips Up: Managing Transitions

Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain your balance when you go from skiing on a flat terrain to skiing on a steeper pitch. Edith shows up how to position your body leading into the pitch change to make a seamless transition.

Tips Up – Skiing the Trees

Whether you're an off-piste expert or a skier looking for a new adventure, Edith gives us some pointers on how to navigate skiing in the trees so you can stay confident and have fun in the powder.

Tips Up: Find Your Rhythm

Are you looking to make smoother turns? Edith Rozsa breaks down how understanding the shape of your turns can help you find the perfect rhythm on the hills.

Tips Up – Make The Skis Work For You

Edith hits the slopes at Lake Louise and shows us the importance of understanding the shapes of your skis to maximise their potential.

Tips Up – Visibility

Get a great pair of goggles for flat light, choose a treeline for better definition and visibility and lastly drag your pole and tap the tail of your ski for reference points.

Tips Up – Move to the Middle

Are you trying to get more forward on your skis? Why? Josh talks about trying to get to the middle of your skis.

Tips Up – Angle Your Way to Smoother Turns

Sometimes when the pressure comes on we start to think about edging our skis and that’s when the “inner weirdness” comes out. Josh talks about the where, when and how of smoother turns on your skis.

Tips Up – Turn Shape

Josh speaks about how common it is for skiers to control their speed by a quick turn at the top of the arc which ends in a traverse across the slope. Josh shares an easy technique to manage speed through a different turn shape to maintain better rhythm in your skiing.