In honour of National Chocolate Day on July 7th, the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel has put together a cocoa inspired package ideal for chocoholics. This limited edition package is available to book for stays between July 4-7, 2014 with rates starting at $259 per night based on two people.

The treats start at check-in with a surprise from award-winning local bakery Purebread. In the evening guests indulge in a chocolate fondue for two at the quaint and authentically French restaurant, Crepe Montagne. Back at the hotel they’ll find more than a turndown chocolate on their pillow – their midnight snack from Whistler Pocket Chocolate made history in 2012 when they were rocketed into the atmosphere to be munched on by the astronauts working at the International Space Station.

Fun Chocolate Facts:

1. The smell of chocolate increases theta brainwaves, which trigger relaxation.

2. Although not scientifically proven, chocolate is believed to be an aphrodisiac. The theory is supported by the fact that chocolate contains the stimulants: caffeine, theobromine, and phenyethylamine.

3. The particular flavonoids contained in chocolate are called flavonols and procyanidins, which are good for your heart.

4. Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect of the mouth and protects it against tooth decay.

5. The Mayan civilisation considered Cacao to be a divine gift and was used ceremoniously and sometimes as a form of currency.

Summit Lodge
Whistler’s Summit Lodge is a fun boutique hotel with an eye for all “the little things,”— Summit is tailored to the traveller who finds joy in life’s everyday moments. Summit makes it easier for their guests to enjoy all the adventures Whistler has to offer by providing complimentary perks like wi-fi, shuttle service, pet stays, equipment storage and bike rentals.

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