New and exciting changes to this year’s Canadian Ski Council Research program!

Please note that you may have previously signed up for the research program but we ask that you reconfirm your participation since we are now offering different options on how you can participate.


OPTION #1: Scannable Paper Surveys:
Traditional paper surveys will be sent to your ski area along with a survey quota calendar and instructions on how, where, and when to conduct these intercept surveys. This is the same method that the CSC has been using for the past 10+ years. These paper surveys can either be administered on-mountain using interviewers provided by your ski area or the surveys can be distributed randomly to guests to be filled out by themselves. There is no cost to the ski area to use this surveying method, besides providing the staff and/or volunteers to administer the survey.

OPTION #2: Tablet-based Surveys:
If a more rapid collection of data is of interest to you, the Canadian Ski Council can provide a tablet version of the survey that can be conducted using either an Android or iPad tablet device. Ski areas would be required to provide or purchase the Android or iPad but the CSC would provide a link so the downloadable survey.

OPTION #3: Visitors’ email address capture with an emailed post-visit follow-up survey:
Ski areas may choose to conduct a standardised online follow-up survey using the guest’s email address. These may either be obtained from guests during their visit to your area or through an automation of the email delivery process using the resort’s transaction database, if available. The CSC and RRC would work with each participating resort to setup the appropriate data collection process based on their research preference. If the collection of guest’s emails during their visit is of interest, we can help coordinate that process with an appropriate methodology. There is no cost to the ski area to use this surveying method.

OPTION #4: iPad Survey Kiosks:
The second kiosk option also being offered this season is a standalone iPad kiosk system that is set up in a high-traffic location at the resort area base to facilitate the collection of emails and basic demographic information. This data will be used to drive response to the post-visit follow-up surveys that the CSC/RRC will deploy on behalf of each ski area. Each iPad kiosk package would cost the ski area approximately $1,300 CAD plus HST to deploy, independent of shipping and handling.

Please fill out this form by Monday, October 31st, 2016.


Research Program Registration