BY: C. Newberry
Dreading the chills on the chairlift this season?

A new moisturizing lotion ( claims to conquer the shivers by working with the body’s natural chemistry to make users feel up to 11 degrees warmer – especially during periods of rest between periods of intense activity.

Co-creators (and brothers) Ryan and Alex Tattle say that the patent-pending formula – called Coldscreen – creates a thin, breathable barrier layer on top of the skin to retain the heat your body creates naturally when you’re active, re-circulating the warmth rather than letting it escape into the cold air.

The dermatologist-approved lotion is made from 98% natural ingredients – including coconut oil, jojoba, aloe, Arctic kelp, and a vitamin B complex. But does it really work? “Coldscreen flew through clinical trials, coming out with all the claims we wanted to make and more,” Ryan Tattle said. “These included efficacy, safety, irritation, and toxicology, even beating some of the biggest brand names in the skin hydration studies.”

In a recent study, 97% of participants felt warming effects (which Tattle describes as feeling like the sun on your skin) within five to 15 minutes, and the company has several elite athletes on board as product ambassadors – including ski cross racer Ian Deans of Kelowna, BC. While the Tattle brothers are clear that the product won’t stop you from getting hypothermia or frostbite if you don’t dress appropriately for harsh environments, they say it will keep you feeling toasty for up to four hours for a more comfortable day on the lifts.

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