CFSA recognizes Elsa Shan during National Volunteer Week

This week marks the 74th annual National Volunteer Week campaign. This campaign, put on by Volunteer Canada, seeks to recognize and appreciate the hard work of volunteers all across Canada. National Volunteer Week 2015 will be running from April 12-18. The Canadian Freestyle Ski Association is taking this opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our volunteers and put the spotlight on those who have gone above and beyond in their roles.

“The Canadian Freestyle Ski Association, like all sports associations, relies heavily on the work of our fantastic volunteers,” says CFSA Workforce Team member, Lizzie Gross. “National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for us to say thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who support us in so many different ways.” While the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association is full of fantastic volunteers, one in particular who has stood out for us this year is Workforce Generalist, Elsa Shan. Elsa brought tremendous experience and support to the team when she joined CFSA in November, 2014. As a new resident of Canada without any prior knowledge of skiing, she has adjusted tremendously and thrived in her new position.

Her primary responsibility as Workforce Generalist is to support the recruitment of volunteers by posting positions, screening applications, and conducting interviews with volunteer candidates.

Since leaving her hometown of Shanghai with her family, Elsa is seeking to gain experience that will help her translate the skills that she brings from her 10 years of Human Resources experience in China into the Canadian workforce.

“I think that volunteering with CFSA is a good opportunity for a newcomer to Canada, like me, to experience the Canadian working culture and working process,” Elsa explained. “This experience will help me when searching for a job and with my relationship building skills.”

Elsa’s favourite part about volunteering with CFSA has been getting the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people and immerse herself in the Canadian culture.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of new people in my role and I’ve had the chance to talk with many different kinds of people who have applied for volunteer jobs. I am learning more about Canada and Canadians, which is important to me.”

Her support on the Workforce Team has been invaluable, between volunteer recruitment and assisting with other workforce projects. As well as making extensive contributions to the CFSA team and learning more about Canadian culture, she has also gained considerable knowledge about Canada’s favourite snow sport.

“I didn’t know anything about skiing before I joined CFSA. Now I know more about freestyle skiing and I always pay more attention to the news when I see or read about the athletes. My new goal is to get up to Whistler next season and try skiing for the first time!”

We would like to take this time to appreciate everything that Elsa has done and continues to do for CFSA. The Canadian Freestyle Ski Association is excited to have the opportunity to properly appreciate all of the hard work that our volunteers put in next week during the National Volunteer Week campaign.

The growth and success of our association would not be possible without the continuous support of amazing volunteers like Elsa!