In “Heli-Skiing Is the Best Drug I Have Ever Taken,” Huffington Post writer Blake Fleetwood waxes poetic on “floating down on clouds of my own creation” – the result of a day’s heli-skiing with Canada’s Mike Wiegele.

Says Fleetwood: “After eight runs of sheer delight, I approach my host Mike Wiegele with a smile on my face and say, “This was the best day of my life.””

Fleetwood reveals a new-found addiction for heli-skiing near Blue River, British Columbia: “Maybe it’s the altitude,” he writes, “but heli-skiing is like the best drug I have never taken, and it’s certainly as addictive. I want to go back again and again.”

For more of Mr. Fleetwood’s epic experience skiing Wiegele’s largest heli-ski area in the world, see:


Photo courtesy of www.wiegele.com


SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles