Team Canada At The 54th Trofeo Topolino U16 Race

BY: Declan McCormack

How To Ski Race in EuropeSkiing in my first European race was a weird but fun experience. I didn’t know what to expect, really. I always thought the Europeans were ten times better than us Canadians. But really, if we lay down a solid run, we were right up there with the best of them. I’ve watched videos of previous Topolino events that showed future World cup ski racers that I really admire now. Kind of crazy to think that I could be where they are some time in the near future. People like Henrik Kristoffersen, Tina Maze and Lindsey Vonn.

Racing here in Europe is not too much different than racing in Canada. They are a bit more precise, in a way. I mean like if you’re not on time for your run, too bad, no race for you.  They run races a lot faster than in Canada. They can finish both genders’ slalom races starting at 9:30 am and finish around noon. I learned a lot from this race. Things that I can get away with in Ontario I can’t here. For example, tipping inside and being “two footed”. What I mean by that is not being 100% on my downhill ski. The hill was so steep and so icy. I finished up with an 8th place in GS. I wish I hadn’t held back in my first run. It was a great experience and I’m very glad I got to be a part of it.

Declan McCormack attends grade 10 at North Toronto Collegiate Institute and skis at Osler Bluff Ski Club, Collingwood, Ontario.  He was one of seven Canadian U16 racers selected to attend the 2015 Trofeo Topolino.

The full team attending included:  Stephanie Profitt (AB), Kristina Natalenko (BC), Brianna MacDonald (ON), Declan McCormack (ON), Evan Ross NS), Liam Wallace (AB), Kasper Wooley (BC), Bebe Zoricic (coach), Danielle Robson (coach), Catrina Grant (coach).