North Vancouver, BC: Avalanche conditions on the North Shore specifically refer to the backcountry and not the controlled recreational areas managed by ski operators.

On high avalanche risk conditions, we recommend that skiers and snowboarders purchase a lift ticket and enjoy inbound skiing, where the snow is managed and controlled by the ski resort operator.

Avalanche warnings refer specifically to the unmanaged backcountry. Inbound skiing use the skills of professionals to ensure the safety and enjoyment of those using the resort facilities.

When guests purchase an area pass at a ski resort, they not only buy access to the chairlifts but also buy the expertise, management, and in-depth knowledge of the resort operator to ensure the guest’s safety by assessing and managing snow and trail conditions on an ongoing basis.

If you are planning a backcountry trip, please first check and have the relevant backcountry skills and knowledge. When in doubt, buy a lift ticket and have a great day inbounds.

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