Saint-Sauveur and Bromont—For the first time in Quebec, two competing ski resorts—Bromont, montagne d’expériences, and Mont Saint-Sauveur—are teaming up to offer their customers a season pass that will allow them to ski at either mountain. Option Northeast adds a new dimension to what is currently available in the market. This pass is the first of its kind in the Quebec ski industry.

Skiers who choose Option Northeast for their season pass can enjoy either mountain under the same purchase terms, for a supplement of only $20 plus taxes for the season. Pass-holders at Bromont, montagne d’expériences, will have access to the five Laurentian mountains belonging to Groupe Mont Saint‑Sauveur, and those with a Mont Saint-Sauveur pass will be able to ski the seven slopes at Bromont. With a new ski season about to get underway, ski enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of this reciprocal agreement to discover the respective attractions at the two resorts, right up until the last snowflake falls!

With this alliance, the two family-run companies are hoping to make their resorts even more attractive to Quebec skiers. “This is a major innovation for our industry, when two resorts decide to team up for an offer like this. Last year in Quebec, 270,000 skiers had a season pass. We see great potential here to appeal to these skiers and inspire them to take to the slopes more often,” said Charles Désourdy, president of Bromont, montagne d’expériences.

An initiative to spark new enthusiasm

“There really is an industry trend toward these kinds of alliances. Our new Option Northeast shows there is a desire among ski resorts to find innovative solutions so that skiers get more for their money. We believe our respective ski centres complement each other well, plus they are located an equal distance from the Greater Montreal area.