Quebec’s Mont Saint-Sauveur has a full range of on-mountain summer attractions for 2013.

The ski area’s amusements are located at the foot of the mountain, next to the Viking (pictured), the only alpine coaster in Quebec.

Among the family-friendly options: a double zipline called the Dragon that allow parents and children to glide over the Saint-Sauveur Water Park on a 770-foot long zipline. Add to it, the Honeybee (tea cups), the Red Baron (planes) and the Giant Tree, and you get a crazy day at the water park.

A breathtaking adventure in the heart of the Laurentian forest. Filled with challenges for all family members, Acro-Nature injects you with an adrenaline dose from the tree tops. Merge with nature in a secure and enchanting scenery.
A Junior and regular course can be experienced on the site. Kids can accomplish the junior path with the help of mom or dad, as adults go through an athletic path, facing great challenges.

Acro-Nature’s regular course offers 4 athletic paths, for a total of 51 stations, in the heart of Morin-Heights’ beautiful Laurentian forest. You will be able to put your stamina and fitness to the test through a course composed by mobile beams, accordion foot ridges, timber ladders and zip-lines, that can make you glide over as much as 987 feet.

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Photo courtesy of Mont Saint-Sauveur.

SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles