Mt. Seymour is pleased to announce the 100 Day Guarantee for season pass holders. Mt Seymour guarantees that if the Mystery Peak Express Chairlift and Goldie Magic Carpet are not operational for 100 days during the 2014/2015 winter season, the resort will offer their current season pass holders a 1% credit towards their 2015/2016 season pass for every day under 100 days.

Mt Seymour SOFor example, if the Mystery Peak Express Chairlift and Goldie Magic Carpet are operational for 95 days in the 2014/2015 season, existing season pass holders will receive a 5% credit towards their 2015/2016 season pass. The credit issued will be valued at 5% of the value of the 2014/2015 season pass.

Eddie Wood, General Manager and President of Mt Seymour Resorts, commented, “We are looking forward to a great winter season up at Mt Seymour and we want show our appreciation to our current season pass holders. The 100 Day Guarantee recognizes our commitment to assuring value for season pass holders as we head into 2014/2015. We are as eager and ready to open for the season as soon as snow allows and look forward to many months filled with snow and memorable experiences.”

“Each year brings its own unique weather to Vancouver’s North Shore. In recent years we have experienced both bountiful snowfall with early season openings and we have also been challenged by the depth of our early season snowpack. Our weather changes very quickly and things can turn around very fast. Mt Seymour is committed to providing the best possible experience for our guests and our 100 Day Guarantee is to provide confidence for our guests that there are many great days of skiing and snowboarding ahead.”

The 100 Day Guarantee applies to all 2014/2015 season pass holders, excluding Corporate, Industry, 3Ski and Spring Passes and does not apply to previous season pass holders or new 2015/2016 season pass holders. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit for further details.