The most important part of a good ski vacation is good snow. The second? A cold beer to drink after a long day on the mountain. There are plenty of mountain towns pumping out breweries with big character and unique flavours across the country but there are few who can bottle up and deliver the hop-induced state of bliss like Coast Mountain brewing.

After spending more than 25 years in the service industry in one of Canada’s most popular mountain towns, Kevin Winter had spent plenty of time watching customers enjoy a cold pint. Combine that with his passion for home brewing, and the result was inevitable— Kevin eventually became a valued employee at Whistler Brewing and eventually cycled through a few breweries in Vancouver working in various capacities surrounding the brewing process. Eventually, he gained the necessary experience to do what he wanted—start his own brewery. Why, you might ask?

“I like beer.”

It all starts with the tap house. In the low-key neighbourhood of Function Junction, Coast Mountain Brewing is situated near two of the most quintessential Canadian activities you can think of: the local snowmobile shop and the axe-throwing centre. We recommend combining a cold one with the latter. The inside of the tap house has a log-cabin style build with board games, movie screenings, and of course a view into the brewing action.

As for their product, this is not a brewery that pumps out light beer for the masses, but a boutique brewery that prioritizes flavour, character, and the relaxing but explorative experience of enjoying a cold one. Coast Mountain Brewery is a tight-knit, family-run operation, with Kevin acting as the brewmaster and salesman, and his wife, Angie, running the show behind the scenes.

The brewery has been open for roughly a year, and the Whistler community can’t get enough. So much, in fact, that most of the twenty plus Whistler restaurants and bars can’t keep their Coast Mountain taps flowing—around 70% of the Coast Mountain beer is consumed in-house. Take a visit to their brewery, and you’re guaranteed to try something new. While some breweries focusing on the trendy beers to reach the masses, Kevin hopes to foster a community which cherishes variety and new experiences in the beer drinking realm, as he pumps out on average 2-3 new beers each month. For Kevin, this is what keeps the passion alive for both him and his customers. His wide range of beers allows him to experiment and try new brewing techniques, while loyal customers line up with their growlers, eager to experience the newest blend Kevin has concocted.

Visit one of Whistler’s many restaurants or liquor stores and you are sure to see Coast Mountain Brewing on the menu—just don’t be surprised if the locals got to the limited supply first. Lucky for you, the tasting room always has something fresh and exciting just minutes from the Whistler Village.

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