This summer, Newschoolers teamed up with Transworld Snowboarding and Snow Park Technologies to catalog and rank the best terrain parks across North America. SPT sent out their team to conduct an analysis of the number and variety of features at terrain parks across North America. Meanwhile, we at Newschoolers set up a user poll to find out from the most opinionated park skiers on the planet (i.e. you guys) which parks skiers were most stoked on. Then we combined the results of both surveys to form the final rankings. We’re stoked to finally(!) have the results for you, so without further ado, we give you the Top 10 Parks in North America.

1. Seven Springs

The only East Coast resort to make it into the national top 10, Seven Springs has some of the best park builders on the planet. As a result the crew goes to Snowboard Super Park every spring to help build the features there. The quality parks, which include a whole area dedicated to street features, set Seven Springs apart from the norm and made sure that it scored extremely highly on our user ratings.

2. Mt Snow

Arguably the most well known park on the east coast, Carinthia at Mt Snow is one of the parks that has been great for as long as we can remember. It has played host to many a Meathead Productions park shoot and they even released their own C Parks movies, featuring notable alumni Ian Compton, Dale Talkington, Lupe Hagearty, Nick Goepper and more.

3. Big Boulder

Home mountain of Sean Jordan, Big Boulder is far from the biggest of ski hills but it’s more than capable of building big features, as displayed in Sean’s Mutiny jump segment. What it lacks in size, it makes up for hard work, features and commitment to the park scene. The lodge at the base of the park is an all-time place to chill.

4. Loon Mountain

Loon is an OG Newschoolers favourite and a haven for events. It hosted the infamous 382 Battle My Crew events and more recently and perhaps more infamously The Newschoolers Gathering. Amazing parks just 2 hours out of Boston, can’t say fairer than that.

5. Mount St Louis

In the words of Doug Bishop “they earned it!”. A lot of time and effort has gone into making sure the family owned Mount St Louis has the best park in Ontario. Traveling circus did some East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff there and prodigal son Sandy Boville hosts to an annual invitational there which looks like an amazing time for all involved year in year out. It’s now the home of the Draper brothers and the rest of GUOOH.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Park Poll this year! We’re going to do this bigger and better for next season so make sure you get involved!

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