Tremblant Beneath The Stars Returns For Its 19th Edition

As part of the 2014 edition of Tremblant Beneath the Stars held August 8 and 9, Tremblant and le Club des astronomes amateurs de Laval together with Laser Quantum International are presenting educational activities for the whole family both in the pedestrian village, and at the top of the highest peak in the Laurentians.

While the Perseids mark the time of year when the number of shooting stars reaches its apogee, Tremblant Beaneath the Stars offers an opportunity to learn more about the phenomenon in a unique, magical setting.

Panoply of Activities under the Starry Skies
: For visitors to fully enjoy a weekend under the sign of astronomy and the great outdoors, Tremblant is featuring a varied event programme that includes observing the sun through a telescope equipped with special filters and safe for your eyes, setting off on a guided night hike, observing shooting stars through a powerful laser pointer and joining twenty or so amateur astronomers gathered at the summit with their telescopes and observation gear. In regards to summit activities, please note that hiking up is free while lift tickets can be purchased for the scenic gondola. A detailed event programme can be viewed at

Landing on a Snowball – Lecture
: A 45-minute lecture entitled The Incredible Journey of the Rosetta Space Probe & 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Mission is to be presented at the summit of the mountain by speaker Michel Burelle, a passionate astronautics specialist. Delivered in French at 9pm, the English version of the lecture is at 10:30pm.

Tremblant – Take Me to the Top
: Tremblant is a top resort destination owing to the excellence of its guest experience both at the mountain, and in its pedestrian village. Its views of the Laurentians, the diversity of its offer and its highly acclaimed major events – of which IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant, the Spartan Race, Wanderlust, 24h of Tremblant and the Tremblant International Blues Festival – have earned it a place among the top 10 most scenic ski resorts in the world, according to USA Today, in 2014. With family, friends or your sweetheart, Tremblant welcomes vacationers year-round, with 1,900 lodging units fanned out across 13 hotel establishments, over 75 restaurants and boutiques and a Casino, all at nature’s doorstep.

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Photo courtesy of Tremblant.

SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles