As part of our preparation process for the 2018-2019 season, we would like to confirm your ski area’s intended participation. Please note that we need to have your implied consent for the 2018-2019 season as soon as possible. This means that you are not automatically enrolled in the program because you were in it last year. In order to be included in our printed and promotional materials, we are asking for a response no later than June 1st.

To assist you in your decision making, we have provided an overview of the programs, consumer survey results and statistics. If you are not completely aware of one of the programs, please refer to the tabs below to help make your decision.

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What is it?

  • A grassroots program that’s been running for 21 years, providing 9 and 10-year-old children with 3 lift passes at each of the participating ski areas, for $29.95

How does it work?

  • Parents/guardians sign up for a SnowPass online and are required to provide proof of age for their child
  • Our SnowPass customer service team verifies each application
  • A physical card is printed with the applicant’s picture on it, which will be brought to your ski area (they may also bring a temporary ePass, which we email to the customer at the time of validation)
  • The SnowPass participant will hand their card over to your ticketing attendant, who will swipe the card in our software, which will redeem one of three available transactions at your ski area
  • Once the card is swiped, your ticketing attendant will provide that child with a full-day lift ticket

Why should we participate?

  • The average SnowPass holder uses their pass 2.4 times and brings 3 full-paying adults with them to your ski area
  • Nearly 40% of SnowPass holders take a lesson
  • It’s a prime age where future sports commitment and participation become ingrained, which is crucial for the future of our sport
  • It’s a Canadian institution! Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire are SnowPass parents!
  • It helps fund your regional ski area operator association’s marketing and promotion efforts

For statistics on the 2017-2018 SnowPass program, click here

To see how easy it is to get started in the program, click here

What is it?

  • The perfect beginner program, providing “never evers” with a beginner lift ticket, lesson, and, equipment rental for $25
  • Ski areas provide two comeback offers to the Never Ever to get them to return to your ski area
  • The program is aimed at increasing participation and conversion of beginners from being snowsports lookers into snowsports lovers!

How does it work?

  • Ski areas select which dates, times, and lesson sizes they’re willing to offer Never Ever Day lessons throughout the season
  • We sell the lessons at, while running a national digital advertising campaign to promote the program
  • Customers are emailed a unique card number, which they bring to your ski area as proof of purchase
  • Your ski area staff enter the 16-digit number into our software
  • Once the card number is entered, the customer will receive your comeback offer via email, along with a survey to rate their experience at your ski area
  • We pay you back at the end of the season for every Never Ever Day purchased to visit your ski area

Why should we participate?

  • Retention is excellent, with 88.3% of all participants reporting they are extremely likely or very likely to try the sport again
  • 89% of Never Ever Day participants rated the experience as excellent value for the money
  • We delivered 3,345 lessons this season, which was almost twice as many as last year. The demand is there.
  • All the funds collected from this program go directly back to the ski area.

For statistics on the 2017-2018 Never Ever Days program, click here

To learn more about the program, click here (use password: NED2018!)