Partnership Announcement: Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) and the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum (CSHFM)

MONTREAL, April 29, 2016 – A partnership agreement has been reached between the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance and the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum in the interest of exploring opportunities to share and collaborate on common initiatives of mutual benefit.

Recognizing that both organizations have similar interests in growing and preserving the sport of skiing in Canada, CSIA and CSHFM agree to consider opportunities to partner and support each other’s mission and mandate by establishing a working group. The working group will have the following objectives:

  • Promote the sport of skiing , skier certifications, and improvement
  • Share our Canadian ski heritage and passion for sliding
  • Promote a positive image, reputation, and branding for instructors
  • Create opportunities to allow CSHFM to catalogue, store, and display CSIA historical artifacts and memorabilia
  • Participate in joint events where appropriate
  • Explore opportunities to share technologies and member communication systems between the two organizations

François Morrison– Managing Director of the CSIA stated, “It is only natural for the CSHFM and CSIA to join forces and promote the sport of skiing as both of our organizations have a historic footprint within the ski industry. We are excited to develop this new partnership as it will offer new possibilities going forward for each party. This collaboration will allow the preservation of the Canadian ski heritage while combining our strengths to advocate our joint passion for our sport. ”

Stephen Finestone – Chair of the CSHFM stated, “Our mandates are closely linked. As Canada’s certifying body for ski instruction, the CSIA has a central role in sharing and growing our passion for skiing with Canadians of all ages as well as skiers from abroad. The mandate of the CSHFM is to preserve and share our nation’s rich history and passion for sliding on snow, with Canadians across our nation and visitors. Many of our existing Hall of Fame honorees have roots within the CSIA and make up part of the rich history that brings pride and smiles to our faces. This initiative, to collaborate going forward, is a natural fit and the compatibility between our two organizations can create unique benefits for us both.”

More details of this partnership will be forthcoming as the various parties engage in opportunities to work more closely together and grow the sport of skiing within Canada.

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