National Slopestyle Coach JF Cusson Pens Beautiful Memoir for Freeski Legend JP Auclair

I’ll always remember the first time I saw JP: it was on the aerial site at Le Relais, just outside of Quebec City. I was with Vincent Dorion and we were about to jump when we noticed some guy hiking all the way to the top of the in-run. We figured he was a snowboarder because he was wearing purple and black O’Neill Cargo Pants and a beige and black checkered shirt. No helmet. No goggles. I remember feeling pretty dorky because we were on a regional mogul team and we had to dress in really ugly jackets with tight white moguls pants. But still, we were cocky little sh*ts and we figured this guy was a total poser. So we sat back and waited. We couldn’t wait to laugh at the impending yard sale….but it didn’t happened. Instead, he drops in, does a massive daffy-twister-spread-twister