Canadian Ski Patrol

The Canadian Ski Patrol, since its beginnings in 1941, has had as its focus, the prevention of injuries, provision of first aid services in case of injury or illness, and the promotion of safe skiing and snowboarding.   In fact, the CSP Mission Statement is, “To promote safety and injury prevention and to provide the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services to the snow industry.”

Nationally, in excess of 4000 members are available at approximately 230 resorts to educate and assist the public to enjoy their time on the slopes and trails. Members are fully certified in first aid and on-snow techniques to provide on-scene stabilization of injuries and transportation off runs and trails to further medical care when necessary.

A huge component of daily endeavors is to educate the public about enjoying ski and snowboard resorts safely. Patrollers consider both safety awareness, and injury prevention as leadership opportunities, because of the high level of visibility and interactions on the slopes.  The Alpine and Nordic Responsibility Codes are available across the country to assist in this task.  Each point helps sliders to recognize safe behaviours on the slopes that