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“Big White has joined the chorus of Canadian ski resorts complaining about changes to Ottawa’s temporary foreign worker program…”

So says a July 25 article by Don Plant in the Kelowna Daily Courier, titled: “Big White says revamped foreign worker program too rigorous to hire ski instructors.”

The story details Big White’s position on controversial Canadian government policies surrounding its temporary foreign worker program, stating higher fees and stricter rules for employment of foreign ski instructors could result in a “desperate situation” for the BC ski resort and the Okanagan economy.

The article includes excerpts from a letter written to Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander by Big White’s senior vice-president, Michael J. Ballingall. “There are not enough Canadian ski instructors working in Canada to fill the needs of destination resorts,” Ballingall wrote. “These are skilled, well-paid instructor jobs that cannot be filled by the limited number of Canadian applicants.”

To read the full article in the Kelowna Daily Courier, see:

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SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles