The ski and snowboard industry values and prioritizes the health and safety of its guests, staff and local communities. We demonstrate this commitment to our stakeholders by continuing to work with public health officials and by continuing the successful protocols that were proven in winter 2020/21, scaled appropriately in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ski industry leaders from across North America established these foundational best practices according to scientific guidelines put forth by infectious disease experts, including public health authorities and the WHO. Ski areas will continue to comply with additional federal, provincial and local regulations as they are implemented.

Snowsports are a way for people to play in wide-open spaces, and to take advantage of the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor recreation. For decades, ski area owners and operators have managed skier numbers and safety in daily operations, collaborating with fellow industry experts to offer safe and memorable experiences. The Canadian Ski Council, regional ski associations, and ski areas commit to providing outdoor recreation in ways that promote health and safety, and reduce the risk of infection.